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  1. Thanks for all your effort! My students really did brilliantly in their solo exams- 4 A+s out of 6! My concern was more to do with the study scores being out of kilter with past results. The example I gave was a student with A+ A+ A+ receiving 42. In the past 3 A+s would have been over 45. The VCAA tried to explain it to me. It had a lot to do with ranking. My top ranked student only got an A for the written exam and so all my sac marks were marked down.The student with 42 received the lowest possible A+ on the written exam, and, because of their ranking, the study score could not be higher than it was. I sort of understand it but I am sure most of us don’t fully comprehend the ranking implications.
    Why does Drama never have a “meet the assessors day” like other subjects? Why are there no sample A+ answers for us and our students to see? These do not even appear in examiners reports.