2009 Solo and Monologue Exams Published

For those readers in metropolitan Melbourne or regional areas of Victoria, this post will be of interest to some of you. If you are teaching Year 12 Drama or Theatre Studies this year, here are the links to the 2009 Solo Performance and Monologue Performance Examinations, just published by the VCAA.

For those readers either interstate elsewhere in Australia, or in another country overseas, I highly recommend you have a glance at the pdf file link, above. In Victoria, we have a two-year final certificate at high school known as the VCE, or Victorian Certificate of Education.

There are two subjects known as Drama and Theatre Studies, each with a slightly different emphasis on aspects of theatre, acting and production. In the Drama course, one of 10 “solo performance” pieces is performed as a final year examination worth 35% of total marks. While in Theatre Studies, one of 12 “monologue performance” pieces is performed as a final year examination worth 30% of total marks. Drama solo performances are student-written pieces lasting up to 7 minutes duration, while Theatre Studies monologues are extracts from published plays, usually lasting 4-5 minutes.

Have a look. I’m sure you’ll find them interesting!

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  1. Jake says:

    does anyone know where i can find the actual monogues or the bokos online for free?

  2. Junior says:

    Hey, im looking for the meaning for the lyrics to Mad Dog and Englishmen. It is one of the Stimulus for the 2009 Drama Solo’s and I am trying to keep on top!!! Thanks

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