2011 Short Solo Performance Characters


On an annual basis, my Year 12 Drama class performs a short solo performance character for assessment. It is a prescribed 1-2 minute performance that requires more effort in the editing of original material to get it under the maximum time limit, than it does in the creation of material. My students are given the task of choosing a character belonging to a subculture in society, historical or present day. We usually have a wonderful array of characters and this is without doubt one of the most popular assessment tasks for students in six years of drama curriculum at my school. This year’s character choices were:

Once costumes, props and even make-up  enter the scene, this task is a blast! It is always a good example in drama of how enthusiasm leads to engagement. When you have a group of students who believe they completely own their work and are proud of it, sometimes the grades just don’t matter at all.

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