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  1. So I contacted them and they offered me a trial. Though the trial seemsto only go to year 9 and this page is for year 10 in NSW curriculum. I am struggling to work it out. At the end of the email this is what they wrote to me:
    Please consider contacting whomever organised the exam to inform them that access to the site is not free.

    Helpful! No! DOe sthe subscription offer lots more information, or just the images?

  2. I agree, it cost money to subscribe, this is unattainable for me also, i would like to know how to pick my character without paying the cost.

  3. Hi! Can anyone please help me re the household appliance? I have 3 students wanting to do it but when we try to get the pictures it appears to cost $115 to subscribe from the site. Am I getting this wrong? I teach in a seriously low – socio economic area and this is untenable for my guys. If anyone knows another way to get the photos – please advise! Much appreciated.


    1. I contacted the website, and they gave me a trial login username and password so I could have access. It was very easy. I explained the situation and they were very understanding. Have a go and see if they can help you 🙂 The kids used the login credentials as well. Cheers.

  4. Theatre studies are an excellent mix. We are near SA border and travelled to Sat top class – excellent show – very inspiring. Students demanded copies of monologues to read and peruse over hols! I wasn’t saying no to that enthusiastic response! I believe Doug and Gillian will be popular, then the Shakespeare and Shaw characters, with few takers for Estelle or Mayor. Just a feeling. Even Liz and Ketch might be a stretch for us – ie we’d have to do extra research! Overall tho, a really great mix of characters.

  5. I agree too! Great choices that I think my students will really enjoy. I also think it’s good that there is only one prescribed dramatic element and theatrical convention this year.

  6. What a great batch of characters! I am particularly taken by zombie-slaying Lizzie (loved the novel), Sheriff of Nottingham, Blackadder and Lugosia. What a fun year this is going to be!