2012 Short Solo Performance Characters

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Each year I post the characters my Year 12 students choose for a short solo performance task in VCE Drama. This task involves students performing a 1-2 minute non-naturalistic (non-realistic) solo performance in preparation for their upcoming 7-minute solo performance examination in October. Therefore, it is best used as a scaffolding task.

The task I prescribe for my students is “The Subculture Character” where students are asked to research a character of their choice belonging to a subculture. Common examples for teenagers include Emos and Goths, but each year I am pleasantly surprised by the choices in the class.

My senior drama students recently performed the following list of characters:

  • Swing Kid
  • Expat Brat
  • B-Boy
  • Chav
  • Cybergoth
  • (Californian) Surfer (Dude)
  • Role Playing Gamer
  • Hipster/Hep Cat
  • Indie Kid
  • Aussie Dole Bludger
  • (One) Directioner

It was a fascinating list of characters that were fabulous to see in performance with costumes, props and make-up. You can see from the list that some characters were entrenched in a period of history (1930s Swing Kid and the 1940s Hep Cat), while others were modern but somewhat timeless (the Aussie dole bludger), through to the very contemporary fan of British-Irish boy band One Direction.

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