2012 Solo Performance and Monologue Performance Examinations

One of my keen Year 12 Drama students, expertly trained in the art of locating drama exams on the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority website, discovered yesterday the VCAA has quietly published the 2012 Drama Solo Performance and Theatre Studies Monologue Performance examinations at the beginning of the school holidays.

It is in fact the right time of year, as links to the 2011 performance exams were posted here on The Drama Teacher on 31 March last year, but this time the VCAA appear to have uploaded these performance exams on the relevant study pages on their website, before posting the April VCAA Bulletin in which these exams are a supplement each year. All I can say is well done Phoebe for spotting them, as a lot of Drama and Theatre Studies teachers (including myself) now have a bit of holiday reading to do!

Both exams can be downloaded below. It would be good to hear initial reactions from people in the comments under this post.

2012 Drama Solo Performance Examination

2012 Theatre Studies Monologue Performance Examination

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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