2014 Solo Performance and Stagecraft Examinations

vcaa 2014

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority has just published the 2014 VCE Drama Solo Performance Examination and the 2014 VCE Theatre Studies Stagecraft Examination. This year marks the first examinations resulting from revised Study Designs in both subjects.

Theatre Studies teachers should be aware the 2014 Stagecraft Examination is in a different format with new expectations from the student. This year’s monologues come from a variety of plays including Death of a Salesman, The Laramie Project, Lettice and Lovage, and Dinkum Assorted.

The Drama Solo Performance Examination remains intact from earlier versions, with just a couple of formatting changes, such as a boxed description of the relevant performance style at the bottom of each character page. I like this idea, as it makes the prescribed style very clear for the student (you can’t possibly miss it). The chief characteristics of these styles are now bullet-pointed to create a nice, clear summary/overview. Specific non-naturalistic performance styles on this year’s exam include physical theatre, Kabuki, musical theatre, cabaret Voltaire, and German expressionism.

Teachers and students of VCE Drama and Theatre Studies should also make themselves familiar with published sample examinations in the new format and the revised 2014 assessment criteria for both exams.

I note the word ‘scene’ has been altered in the Drama solo performance examination to ‘scene(s)’, now making it clear one or more scenes is acceptable in various dot points. This was my official complaint to the VCAA from the 2013 Drama Solo Performance exams and may well have been a concern from other teachers, also. Fixed!

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