2014 Top Class Drama and Theatre Studies Performer Lists

Local readers of The Drama Teacher will know I am always a big supporter of the annual VCAA Season of Excellence, which includes Top Class Drama and Top Class Theatre Studies concerts.

Showcasing some of the very best student performance examinations from 2013, this year’s Top Class concerts will no doubt once again be useful professional development for teachers and a great chance for current students to get some tips for their own exams later this year.

The lists of students who successfully made it into one or more of these concerts has now been published by the VCAA. While the total number of students comprising the three Top Class Drama concerts are very evenly distributed between the Catholic, Independent and Government school sectors, the Catholic and Independent schools dominate both Top Class Theatre Studies concerts, with Government school students seriously underrepresented here. Perhaps only a handful of Government schools offer Units 3 and 4 Theatre Studies?

This year’s concert dates are:

Drama: 10:00am Wednesday 30 April, 6:00pm Wednesday 30 April, 1:30pm Thursday 1 May.

Theatre Studies: Wednesday 30 April 1:30pm, Thursday 1 May 10:00am.

Bookings: Melbourne Recital Centre.

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  1. Lara Stockdale says:

    Justin you are awesome! As a lone (and part time) drama teacher I really appreciate your generosity in sharing your ideas/thoughts/insights into drama and education. They have really stimulated my thinking, helped me with lesson planning and while I do wonder when you sleep, I am inspired by your passion and energy.

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