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  1. That’s disappointing Veronica that Drama could not run at your school. Many Drama teachers are just as frustrated as the students when they are told a VCE class cannot run due to low numbers. It is normally a financial decision by the school. They determine a number upon which a VCE class can run and break even (cost of teacher). Then some class are oversubscribed with students but within teacher union guidelines (for example, 23 students), while other classes are undersubscribed (for example, 11 students). The oversubscribed classes are subsidising (or “carrying”) the undersubscribed classes. A school can only run a certain number of undersubscribed VCE classes before they start to lose money and that’s when difficult decisions are made not to run classes even though a number of students were enrolled to take it. Some schools openly tell their staff a figure upon which a VCE class will run (for example, a class must have a minimum of 10 enrolled students), while others do not, which is even more frustrating for the teachers. When I was a student, my school didn’t have enough boys wanting to do Drama at Year 11 and Year 12 and no classes ran those years. When as a teenager my only passion in life was taking Drama class, you can imagine how upset I was in my final two years of schooling not to be able to do Drama! But it didn’t stop me following my dreams 🙂

  2. As a student for 2015 VCE (stumbled across the website), it disappoints me that drama cannot run as there is not enough people for a class to exist!
    Would’ve been a great year with these options..

  3. I agree Justin, there are many great plays for us to see with our students. I will say this though: much like the theatre studies monologue list from this year (2014), there is a distinct lack of the female voice on this list. There is one female playwright on the theatre studies list and she is adapting a play by a man. I am not suggesting this is some sort of conspiracy or that the plays on the list aren’t brilliant but for our students to only hear the voices/stories/ideas of white males is singular and somewhat disappointing.