2020 VCE Drama & Theatre Studies Results Analysis

Here’s an analysis of VCE Drama and Theatre Studies results for students who received a study score of 40 or above in 2020*. These students represent the top 9% in each study.

2020 saw 83 students achieve 40 or above for Drama (marginally more than the 81 students who were awarded the same in 2019), while 72 students achieved a study score of 40 or above for the sister subject Theatre Studies (78 students in 2019).


In 2018, VCE Drama saw three students awarded a perfect score of 50, while last year this was just one student, and in 2020 two students received a score of 50 for Drama. This year, two students were awarded a 50 for Theatre Studies, the same number as recent years.



In 2019, students from Independent schools heavily influenced the 45+ range for both Drama and Theatre Studies. 2020, however, saw a more even distribution of schools having students in this category. Of the fifteen students in this range for Theatre Studies, Independent schools equated to about half the cohort – seven students from Independent schools, seven from Government schools and one from the Catholic sector. In Drama, the division was very similar – eight students from Independent schools, eight from the Government sector and three from Catholic schools. These results are pleasing.


When the entire 40 or above range is taken into account, the spread between Independent, Government and Catholic schools is fairly evenly divided in Drama this year, with an increase in students from Catholic schools compared to the 45 or above range. Approximately half of the 40 or above cohort for Theatre Studies were students from Independent schools in 2020, followed by Government school students, then those from Catholic schools.

2020 vce drama theatre studies 40 above

2020 VCE Honour Roll Interactive

*Approximately 10% of students opt out of having their name published in the 40+ honour roll.

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