6th World Drama Congress

Every three years, the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) organises a World Drama Congress. On average, about 800 Drama/Theatre teachers from all levels of education and theatre professionals from more than 60 countries attend the week-long conference.

This year, the 6th World Drama Congress will be held in Hong Kong from 16-22 July. Having atended the previous two in Canada and Norway, I can honestly say if you’re passionate about Drama teraching, then this is unquestionably the best professional learning you will ever experience! Put simply, attending the World Drama Congress is unbeatable.

The conference is not all about information, though. For the serious, it represents a wonderful opportunity to ‘get connected’ with new colleagues from across the globe, introduce yourself to a Drama megastar from overseas, or simply have a ball both during or in between workshops and presentations.

The fun is not just restricted to the workshops, believe me! It’s a non-stop party, even for the meek and faint-hearted. As soon as you find a friend or two, before you can blink you’ll be going out to dinner with newly acquired buddies in the evenings, tasting the new cuisine, hitting the pubs etc and exchanging phone numbers and business cards

If you’ve got the money and can spare the time off work, it’s a must-do! For some of us, the Congress may well be occurring during an acadmeic school week (for those in Victoria, Australia, it is in Term 3, Week 1), but if you don’t ask to get the time off work, you’ll never know. See if your workplace can offer you some or all of your days away as professional learning (you may be able to get the time off on full pay!) and perhaps they could also contribute to the conference fee a little? Meanwhile, all your airfares, meals, accommodationa and other travel expenses become legitimate taxation deductions!

Visit the IDEA 2007 website for more information.

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