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samantha cox
11 years ago

this is a really good article,im just about to start my pgce in secondary drama and am so excited. people say to me, why do you want to teach kids? bla bla bla. ive had so much experience in drama classrooms, me being only 21 myself and yes the cheeky kids are the worst. But when you see the kids who want to do it, and want it as their career makes it so worth while, and makes you realise why you chose the route you did. 🙂

Justin Cash
13 years ago

Hairspray is great, isn’t it? I went to see the show the same night as yourself, Michael. When I get a spare moment, I’ll pop up a Hairspray review on The Drama Teacher in the next few days.

13 years ago

This is GOLD. If I hear one more “Be the Tree” joke……
Always a nice end to the year when Year 12’s are appreciative of the work we do. Last night I took Year 12 Drama, Dance and Theatre studies to Hairspray. What a great show! The new age of musicals is here with the use of multimedia and audience involvement.

13 years ago

Great article, Justin. While not being the “colleague” in question, I can confirm that the rest of us are indeed jealous of drama teachers. I used to be annoyed with you when you taught my years 8s just before my lesson. They came to class hyped up and “in character” 🙂 Keep up the good work, mate.