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  1. Justin Cash says:

    Whoa. Had my solos yesterday. Can’t believe it, my students were excited and smiling before they went into the exam room … along the lines of whatever their grade is, they’ve spent four months of their life putting this solo together and godammit they’re going to enjoy performing it to the examiners. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters, hey? To see our students perform something they are truly proud of creating, regardless of their grade. In regards to VCE Drama study review Michael, my hunch is we may not see any major changes given the circumstances, as you say.

  2. Had our exam on Thursday of last week. Students seemed happy.
    Cashy…. any word out of the review of VCE drama. Will they bother making many major changes, keeping in mind that the National Curriculum is just around the corner.

  3. Justin Cash says:

    We’re doing our showcase this coming Monday 11th. Keeping it pretty low key this year. Solo exam on Thursday 14th for me.

  4. We’re late this year Cashy. 27th. We just had our second feedback session last night. We’re spending the next 2-3 weeks refining and drilling. I’m considering running a final showcase closer to the actual performance date to help them peak at the right time. Are you guys doing a showcase? Ah, we had one of your Year 11 girls coming to the feedback session last night to support her friend at HT, which was very very nice of her … I’m sorry I forgot her name. Lots of fine tuning to be done though … but I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! All the best with the exam preparations!

  5. Justin Cash says:

    Thanks Borbs. Have you had your Yr 12 solo exams yet?

  6. Great post! Hope your back gets better though mate. Sounds nasty. All the best for the recovery!