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  1. Thank you so much for this!!! I am a Theater teacher in Northern California; this year I am at 2 school sites. Reading this was very affirming; sometimes we need this validation even if we KNOW it internally, intellectually, experientially, and just cannot necessarily transmit these messages to our parents – for starters…

    1. My pleasure, Tracy. It was very affirming writing this post, too! Sadly, our subject is still misunderstood by not just our student’s parents, but our colleagues in the staffroom, and school administrators as well. It’s all about educating them, one person at a time, of the importance of our discipline and the amazing benefits students receive from studying drama/theatre at school.

  2. Thelma Alexander says:

    Awesome letter!!!!

  3. Dear Parents,
    Please come see your student perform. They have worked very hard. Even the teenagers want someone in the audience. They need more than six people to show up. Please do not text while they are performing.
    The Teacher who spent seven nights up until 1 a.m. to make this opportunity for your student

  4. I had a visit from the principal today. We were playing a drama game which the students were enjoying. ‘Your class is making too much noise. I can hear you down the corridor.’ No one else complained. Funny that.

  5. Katie Annice Carr says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you about the need for Drama in schools. After 10 years in international business, I’m now teaching adults all those communication and creativity skills they would have got had the studied drama in school. These are skills that people need to be successful in most jobs and they are what will set them apart in an environment of ever increasing competition. Business schools charge big bucks for “flipping the classroom” for provided interactive learning, role plays, creativity and cases, all of which have been the bread and butter of drama classes for years. Maybe we should just teach more drama in schools and save everyone the stress, time and money?

  6. Thanks you for writing such a lovely letter. I have just been hired as a school drama teacher, after years of teaching theatre independantly and through various theatre companies. You have beautifuly and humourously summed up so many things I loved about drama as a student, and hope to pass on to my new students. I’m so grateful to have stumbled accross your blog today-I have a feeling it will be a resource I’ll refer to regularly!! Thank you!!

  7. Made me very happy to read this. I feel like this letter should be posted all around my school where i am the elementary drama teacher. This really hits the point about drama that i wish to say every day!! Amazing letter. Thank you !

    1. Thanks for your feedback, David. It was incredibly cathartic writing this post!

  8. funnily enough as I was reading this all I could think about was the fun times I had when I did drama in high school brilliant letter

  9. I’m so happy to find this website as one of my resources. Your article above motivate me as a drama teacher. “In Drama we prepred for life” . Wow!amazing quote! Btw, if you don’t mind please share your great drama experiences at our blog:
    Drama for Kids

  10. Saša Hudnik says:

    Thank you very much for this letter! Parents and children too often think that drama classes are all about teaching children how to act. After almost two months of drama classes, a child asked me when are we going to start acting?! And she’s a great improviser by the way.

  11. Susan Drozd says:

    This is wonderful. I am supposed to be painting our set, but took the time to read this out loud to our costume designer, THROUGH TEARS, because it is exactly what I believe.
    Funny enough – – I have put on my goals list for this year – – to create a letter that really explains what the students will get, what the world will get – from their taking theatre classes. Thank you for the amazing jump start – how did you know this has been on my mind!

    Excellent and perfect for this season of gifts!

    1. Thanks Susan. What passion you have! Your students are very lucky to have you as their theatre teacher.

  12. Geoff De Manser says:

    And that’s exactly why we love drama.
    Making a difference.