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  1. Hi, any ideas why they’ve moved the Top Class shows to a Thursday and Friday rather than a Friday and Saturday? We have a policy against taking Year 12’s out during school hours, so I won’t be able to go- very disappointed. I think it is such a valuable experience for them!

    1. Dee,

      Sometimes it is Chief Assessor and/or venue availability that determines the exact programming of Top Class concerts. I’m not exactly sure as to the reason for the change this year, but another factor is the popularity of Saturday concerts in recent years, compared to the previous weekday (Friday) concerts. Looking at prior attendance figures, the VCAA try to gauge the most popular time slots. For example, the evening concert/s was only introduced a few years ago due to teacher feedback and a 2nd Theatre Studies concert, the same. I’m pretty sure the weekday concert attendance numbers are usually higher than the Saturday ones in the past. This may be a reason for the change this year(?). Frustrating that your school has a policy not to take Yr 12 students out during school hours, but from what I can gather, school hours is the most popular time to attend for the majority of teachers and their students. I suppose this year you could always show your students the Top Class DVD from a couple of years ago. It’s got some great performances on it.

  2. Hi there. 4 of my kids received Top Acts invites. I am blown away for them and certainly hope some get through. Fingers crossed.

    1. Wow, that’s a great achievement! You’d be very unlucky if at least one of your four students did not get into Top Class. They’ve got about a one in three chance once they get to the audition, but as Michael said in a comment, above, a number of factors come into play: spread of Government, Independent and Catholics schools, spread of regional and metropolitan schools, spread of characters in the Top Class concerts, male/female representation etc to name just a few. Sort of better if you have a spread of characters amongst your own four students, as on more than one occasion in the past my own students have been directly competing against each other, knowing that the VCAA will probably only field so many of the same character in Top Class. Your odds are good with four auditioning. Good luck! Very exciting!

      1. Thanks Justin. It is very exciting. Funny that 3 out of my 4 auditioning are playing characters of opposite gender! I have a male Diva, female Baldrick, male Zhu and my last is a male Bela! Interesting I reckon!

  3. I am a student and received the invite and sent in the application. I have not received any further information about being a successful applicant to audition and am wondering if anyone else has? Will I receive a letter from VCAA?

  4. Three of my students got the invite, including one student who got into top class last year for Theatre Studies.

    I think at least one of the will make it though the auditions, however as you know politics comes into play!