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Jammin Jay
8 years ago

I as a student actually enjoy drama journals- At the beginning of the year I wrote a drama journal entry that was in my eyes inspirational, and right now I am reading through this website to do a journal entry that my teacher assigned. It has to do with why we keep the journal in the first place. I really hope other students see these things the way I see it.

9 years ago

Great article! For years I’ve used these cool journals I’ve developed and re-shaped each year depending on the students/units/assessment. My school is huge on technology (as am I), so I’ve done a big shift and moved to having my students document all of their comments using Google classroom. For more informal day to day short reflections – I will simply pose some questions to them as an “announcement” on Google classroom – and then they answer in the comments field below my questions – they can also all read each other’s comments – which helps with further classroom discussion. For longer more formal reflections, I create an assignment on Google classroom and the students attached a google doc with their reflections to this. It is a fantastic way of keeping track of work, for me to read and then add comments etc. So far so good.

9 years ago

Thanks for the insights

Valerie Miller
10 years ago

I struggle to get my students to write journals – they don’t embrace it as I did. You do get the occasional student who loves it and does a brilliant job – usually a female and very rare. I have just started a blog using wordpress for Year 11 Drama and will introduce it next year with Year 10 Drama. For year 7 this year I am giving them a prepared booklet to guide them. As my Year 9 drama are still growing as journal keepers I am going to provide them with a workheet that acts as a guide throughout the term.

Mari Adams
Reply to  Valerie Miller
10 years ago

Valerie, I am curious how this worked out for you this year – specifically using the prepared booklet and the worksheet. Would you be willing to share what you used? I’m very interested in seeing them!


Lizzy Simes
11 years ago

This is a really helpful insight. I grew up with drama journals as well, and being a naturally reflective person I have always been a fan. But I think you are right; there are new ways with technology these days to make journalling or blogging more interesting. I think also if the students are asked to comment on each other’s work they will learn more from other’s reflections. It also allows you as a teacher to monitor when the journalling is done (i.e. not all at the last minute!!)

I think though that developing the skill of being able to write about drama is very important over video blogs. This is a skill that the students will need not just for in class essays but for WACE exams; and it is good for them to be comfortable with writing with drama terminology before then.