Australian Copyright Council Training Sessions

Every Drama/Theatre teacher needs to know about copyright. For most of us who have been teaching a while, we’re wise enough to know why an understanding of copyright is essential to our profession. But if you’re new to Drama teaching, then a familiarity of copyright and how it affects you can sometimes be daunting. Either way, copyright laws change, particularly as emerging technologies have new implications for copyright infringements. So, a refresher course about copyright is always valuable professional learning.

If you teach Drama in a Victorian school and have asked yourself any of the following questions:

  • How do I apply for copyright permission for our school play or musical?
  • Do I need copyright permission to include published songs in school concerts?
  • Am I allowed to adapt or alter a published play or musical for performance at my school?
  • Can I film a copyrighted school play or musical for sale to others?
  • Will I break copyright by promoting my play to an audience outside the school community?
  • Are there copyright issues involved with artwork in play or musical stage sets?
  • What information can I legally place or download from a website for school use?

…then you may wish to attend one or more of the Australian Copyright Council’s upcoming training sessions.

The Australian Copyright Council is an independent non-profit organisation that provides information, advice and training about copyright in Australia. They are holding training sessions in Melbourne on a range of topics, many relevant to Drama/Theatre teachers, on the following dates (hurry, as Melbourne training dates are coming up very soon):

Monday 28 April 2008
* Copyright essentials
* Creators’ reputation rights
* Recent developments
Tuesday 29 April 2008 + Friday 1 August 2008
* Educators: Copyright overview
* Educators: Using AV materials
* Educators: Using text & images
Wednesday 30 April 2008
* Educators: New education technologies
* Educators: Concerts, plays & musicals
* Websites
Thursday 1 May 2008
* Governments: using/managing copyright
* Licences for digital resources
* Libraries: conquering copyright
Friday 2 May 2008
* Photographers/Graphic Designers
* Protecting & exploiting rights
* Permissions & clearancesThere is also training available in other Australian states throughout the year. For more information, visit the Australian Copyright Council’s training program information page.

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