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  1. Hi Just a note about “realizing” being an American spelling. I went to school in Scotland in 1962/63 and was taught to spell with a ‘z’ in my words so I would not necessarily say that this is Americanized. Some very good comments though about the Draft curriculum doc.


  2. Where does Theatre studies fit in to all of this? I have the same concerns in my other subject Media, which does not exist in some other states. I am going along to the feedback session in November and will be interested to see what others think.

  3. The interesting detail for me was the inclusion of what I gather is a minimum of 160 hours of study for a two year ‘band’ (i.e. years 7-8) for all of the ‘5 major art forms’. That is essentially 1 hour a week for a semester for Drama. Some schools (including mine) do not offer this in their current curriculum. In my case, my school doesn’t offer Drama until year 8. This will cause a major stir, particularly in schools where Drama is not offered at all. The strage thing is, the shape paper implies that this is true for all the Arts. Does this mean that an all boy Catholic school will have to have Dance as part of their curriculum because the N.C. prescribes it? How does this work? Have I got the wrong end of the stick?