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  1. Hi Justin,

    Helen Hristofski here, Education Manager at STC. Just wanted to let you know that Baal was indeed included in our School brochure which was generated in the last quarter of last year and at that time was listed along with all of our mainstage productions. In the brochure we listed general warnings as we didn’t know exactly which directions the creative process would go in so far out.

    When the elements of this production became clear we spoke to each teacher individually as part of our usual process, and allowed them to determine what was best for their students. Most have decided to attend another STC production with their students, yet the teachers are still coming themselves! Brecht is very popular in NSW and as you rightly point out, not often performed so they’ve loved the production.

    In my experience when these circumstances occur, with the provision of good information we’ve always found teachers are really adept at making great decisions on behalf of their school communities.


    1. Hi Helen,

      Thank you for taking the time to clarify this. Much appreciated!


      Justin Cash

      1. Hi Justin,
        I’m interested to come across your review now, I took a group of year 12 students to see the play. It was fantastic, I hated it at first and then developed a real love for it. The staging and acting was sublime. The malthouse let me view the play at its opening preview and offered an exchange on any ticket that my students didn’t want to keep. After detailed discussion with the parents and students about the sorts of things that the play entails and left them to make up their own mind. It was entirely optional for students to attend. Those that did had a rich confronting experience of theatre which they loved. Some students chose not to go and that was fine. A number of parents also attended the show afterwards and I found myself discussing symbolic representation over email. What this play provided us as a class was an opportunity to talk about the purpose of theatre. I thought carefully about taking students to it, informed the school, the parents and the students at length about it’s content. However, it was so much more rewarding than the usual ‘Hello Dolly’ style performances that we see put on. If theatre is meant to change the way we see things, then why only view the sanitised stuff? Anyway, I respect where you are coming from with saying it is unsuitable. But isn’t that in part the point, should we not be challenged and be challenging, obviously within a code.
        Matt T