Bertolt Brecht and Berliner Ensemble Images

Here is a fantastic set of images for drama teachers and their students of the Berliner Ensemble, the house of Bertolt Brecht and his wife Helene Weigel-Brecht, plus their graves side-by-side adjacent to the family home.

This slide show represents a rare opportunity to see inside the building of the Berliner Ensemble, a place where Brecht perfected his theories on epic theatre and trained his performers until they became one of the great theatre companies of the world. Also in the slide show is the house where Bertolt Brecht and his actress-wife Helene Weigel-Brecht lived. Just outside their house lies Dorotheenstädtischer Cemetery where both Brecht and Weigel-Brecht are buried.

Martina, an avid follower of The Drama Teacher in Berlin, has provided all images for this slide show and has given permission for them to be published here so that others involved in drama education and theatre studies may further their knowledge of Bertolt Brecht, one of the most significant theatre practitioners of the 20th century. Enjoy this wonderful resource!

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