Best and Worst of Melbourne Theatre 2012

In the first of several posts charting the theatre year in review, we start with Melbourne, the home city of The Drama Teacher.

The Age newspaper’s Cameron Woodhead has attempted in one article to summarise Melbourne ‘s mainstream and independent theatre for 2012. As he acknowledges himself, this is an envious but almost impossible task for any one reviewer due to the vigour of Melbourne’s performing arts scene.

According to Woodhead, the two main professional theatre companies, the Melbourne Theatre Company and Malthouse Theatre, were world ‘s apart in 2012. While Malthouse Theatre produced several gems including The Wild Duck, Woodhead writes the Melbourne Theatre Company down the road “had the worst year I can remember”. Flop of the year? MTC’s Queen Lear starring Robyn Nevin. I recall leaving that show at interval it was so horrible.

Meanwhile, on the independent scene, Theatreworks in St Kilda are praised for their innovative work in 2012.

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