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  1. Where i can get more information about black comedy?please help me

  2. Justin Cash says:

    I think you’d need to ensure the acting matches the talking when you demonstrate the black comedy. Make sure you’re not a ‘talking head’ and that your whole character body and the plot of the scene are clearly black humour. The subject matter should be the driving force behind the black comedy, so it is possible that only key moments are black and not your entire solo. I do not believe your 7 minute solo performance has to be in the vein of black comedy, but rather ‘aspects’ of it are sufficient, so choose the most appropriate moment/s to portray it in your plot and the expressive skills of the character should then naturally fit the scene/s like a glove.

  3. Anonymous says:

    thank you, that’s a much more comprehensive explanation than the one by VCAA. My problem with creating Violet Baudelaire is that i’m never sure if it’s ‘black’ enough. i have moments of black comedy when i’m talking, but am not sure if this is enough, or if my entire piece is supposed to have an overall ‘tone’, like it would need if it were cabaret etc. What do you suggest?