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  1. This is so much helpful.thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. this website is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo helpful thank you so much

  3. omg a life saver THANK YOU i have an exam on this and no other websites actually listed the epic theater conventions!

  4. Dense Potato says:

    Is Bertolt Brecht like the Petrarch of Shakespeare in drama/theater?

  5. I absolutely love your website! I am in year 10 drama and I cannot wait for year 11 and 12 because it gets so much more serious. At the moment we do hardly any theory (only for exams) and I love reading about all the different theatres and conventions used in drama so I usually just take some time to read up on certain things myself. I have found that your website has all the information I need and it really helps my understanding of the theory behind drama! I will definitely using this website to research information in VCE!! Thank-you! – Lily

    1. Thanks Lily! Lovely to get your feedback. I’m glad you enjoy reading The Drama Teacher. Good luck with your drama studies. – Justin.

  6. thanks for teaching us moral lesson

  7. Hi! I was wondering if you could please validate your sources?

    1. Sure! I did write that post in 2009, Angela. It would be easier for me to say at that point there was 20 years of teaching Brecht in senior drama at high school floating around in my head that wrote that post. But most of the epic theatre techniques in this post can be found in any good theatre/drama education text such as:

      Crawford J, Acting in Person and in Style
      Styan J, Modern Drama in Theory and Practice 3: Expressionism and Epic Theatre
      Dobson W; Neelands J, Theatre Directions
      Burton B, Living Drama
      Sacks G; Thomson P, The Cambridge Companion to Brecht
      Mumford M, Bertolt Brecht (Routledge Performance Practitioners)
      Cooper S; Mackey S, Theatre Studies: An Approach for Advanced Level

      You may also be interested in a more comprehensive and recent post on Brecht’s epic theatre conventions, linked to below:

      Epic Theatre Conventions


  8. Sonja Brown says:

    I am so very very grateful to have your website as a resource. It is amazing!
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. great this really helped me for yr10 GCSE’s

  10. Thanks for your kind words Travis. I’m glad my list of Brecht’s epic theatre conventions helped you with your Drama assignment at school.

  11. Thank you to whoever wrote this I am in grade 12 and this was our last Drama assignment and I was panicking as I had not paid very much attention to Brecht Theatre, I got an A because I used such an expanded variety of Brechtian techniques (:

  12. Thank you so much. This entire site is a massively valuable resource and this article is absolutely perfect. I am so glad I found this. Thanks again.

    1. Justin Cash says:

      My pleasure Matt! Thanks for your feedback.

  13. This helped alot ! Thank-you!
    I’m in Year 10 and we’re studying Brechts techniques so this helped me !

  14. really really really helpful. im starting year 12 and im trying to get down a whole lot of study notes and this is really helping for my definition flashcards!

    1. Justin Cash says:

      Thanks Georgia. Glad you found this information useful preparation for your studies in Yr 12 this year.

  15. THIS DIDN’T HELP AT ALL!!! GOSH YOU’RE SO STUPID! Kidding, this was “SO” helpful! 🙂

  16. Jesus, so handy. Doing my IB studies for Brecht, everything was overly complicated, and i needed everything you spoke about towards the end. thanks!

  17. These techniques really helped my drama group at school develop our epic theatre piece, give my thanks to your class!!!