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Now here’s a great video podcast from The American Theatre Wing, the same organisation that brings us the annual Tony Awards on Broadway.

“The Marketing of Broadway” has a panel of industry guests discussing what is involved in marketing, publicising and advertising a Broadway show; how they work one-on-one with producers and creative teams; the marketing obstacles they face; who their target audience is; how they handle a show that isn’t a hit, or that they don’t like; the Internet’s influence on sales; whether or not a known title helps sell a show; how to sustain the buzz after a show opens; and whether “Broadway” can be sold as a brand.

I’ve watched it and I can highly recommend this podcast. Very educational.

The Marketing of Broadway (190 MB – June 2009)

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  1. Thanks so much for your generous comments about our program on Broadway marketing. Your readers may want to avail themselves of our complete archive of both video and audio podcasts, with some 500+ hours of material created over the past 30 years by the Wing. Here are links to the two key programs:

    New editions of “Downstage center,” our audio podcast, begin on Monday, August 3.

    Thanks again for bringing this to the attention of your readers.

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