Broadway: Sunday 23rd March

Well, the Theatrica performing arts tour from Melbourne had their first full day of activities in New York today and it was a blast! Over the next ten days or so, this blog will be transformed into a photoblog, chronicling the daily activities of the tour group.

First up today was Easter Sunday Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. After breakfast was a three hour river cruise around the island of Manhattan which was fantastic! Our freezing cold -2 degrees celsius beginning grew into a beautiful clear morning for the cruise. After a spot of shopping on 5th Avenue in the afternoon, it was off to the Ambassador Theatre to see the famous musical Chicago in the evening. So many of the students on the tour were only familiar with the movie version, so seeing it in the theatre for the first time was a great experience for them. After receiving excellent seats in the centre of the second row of the stalls, I suddenly found myself within spitting distance of the actors on stage. One show down, nine to go!

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  1. boxy says:

    hi cashy!
    im so so so so so jealous it is unbelieveable.
    sounds like you’re all having an AMAZING time.
    the photos are awesome.
    hope jacqui is well and everything!

    love boxy. oxoxox

  2. Michael says:

    Sounds like you are having a great time! Enjoy Enjoy.

    Wicked will blow you away!

    I can’t wait to go again in December.

    The photos are great!

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