How the arts in Australia suffered in 2020

Jo Caust, University of Melbourne The arts sector has been through a trial by fire this year. Most activities planned from March had to be cancelled, or modified to such an extent they were no longer recognisable. The challenge for many is the sector is complex: not defined by one...

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The Empty Space: The Holy Theatre

Key quotes from The Holy Theatre, the second part of Peter Brook‘s seminal text, The Empty Space. The Holy Theatre explores the place of ritual and the holy in what was then contemporary theatre (1968). Among others, Brook analyses the works of Samuel Beckett with his existential characters, themes and...


The Empty Space: The Deadly Theatre

This post explores key quotes from The Deadly Theatre, the first part of Peter Brook’s seminal text, The Empty Space. The Deadly Theatre is the bad theatre of Broadway and the West End, the commercial theatre with deadly directors and deadly actors performing works by deadly playwrights, all existing within...