When The Cultural Cringe Abated: Australian Drama in the 1970s

Julian Meyrick, Flinders University In our Great Australian Plays series, we nominate the best of Australian drama. If Australian drama came of age in the 1940s and 1950s, in the 1970s it reached full maturity. More work by more playwrights by more companies for larger audiences: this is the basic...


Problems With Contemporary Theatre

1. Artificial Dialogue Unfortunately, too often in contemporary theatre we hear character dialogue that is artificial, particularly if it is intended to be naturalistic. Dialogue that is naturalistic should follow the nuances of everyday speech, containing words and phrases spoken by real people in genuine conversations. Authentic speech patterns, appropriate...


Complete List of Broadway Theatres

Did you know there are 41 Broadway theatres of 500+ seats? If you’d like to know the names, seating capacities, longest running shows, owners and opening year of all 41 Broadway theatres, then read on! Beauty and the Beast became the longest running show at both the Palace Theatre and...


Immersive Theatre

Immersive theatre is a form of contemporary performance that usually includes elements of one or more of site-specific theatre, improvisational theatre, interactive/participatory theatre, environmental theatre, performance art and promenade theatre. Immersion of the spectator in the drama is a key factor. Immersive theatre is often staged indoors but can also...