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The Rise of Eclectic Theatre in the 20th Century

It is argued up until the turn of the 20th century, standard theatre practice dictated each type of play was given roughly the same theatre treatment​1​. At odds with this was now a new concept of handling each type of dramatic work in a unique way, according to the style...

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La Mama Gutted By Fire

After 2,135 theatre productions spanning half a century, La Mama is no more. Residing in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Carlton, the 1883 building was gutted by fire about 5am this morning, leaving only the brick walls of the two-storey building still standing. Modelled on the Off-Off-Broadway theatre of the same...

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Theatre Props Videos

The National Theatre, London, offers a wide variety of short educational videos that allow teachers and students of theatre to gain a valuable insight into many aspects of a large, modern theatre company. Below is a selection of quick clips about props, covering what the prop department does and different...