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Bubba Cash

For regular readers of The Drama Teacher, things may have seemed a little quiet recently. Alas, there is good reason! Bubba Cash No.2 arrived last Monday. Little Hugo entered the world a couple of weeks early and this has meant most of my time has been spent settling Hugo’s 22-month...


Brecht vs Assange

Last week I watched Theater of War with my current Year 12 drama students. This excellent documentary of the 2006 production of Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and her Children in New York’s Central Park was intended among other things to give my students a different perspective of the great theatre practitioner....


I Love My Drama Teacher

With the festive season soon upon us, what better time is there to grab a personalised gift with “I Love My Drama Teacher” on it? I grabbed one of these blue t-shirts for my 14-month son who wears his t-shirt with pride! Check out little Georgia O’Keefe, a fellow drama...