Friday Essay: The Arts And Our Still-Born National Identity

Stephen Sewell, National Institute of Dramatic Art The debate about culture in Australia typically follows a familiar pattern: a commentator laments declining cultural standards and narrowing opportunities and looks for someone to blame. The usual...


Creativity and Arts Education Petition UNESCO

The member states of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, are meeting over the next couple of weeks at the General Conference. UNESCO’s work is prioritised into 48 different areas, of which...


Assessment Rubrics In Drama

Six years ago I threw away all assessment rubrics for every task at all years levels of drama at my school. Radical. Every teacher knows what a rubric is and nearly every drama teacher I...


Revised Draft Australian Curriculum: The Arts

Just published is the official Revised Draft of The Arts in the Australian Curriculum for Years F-10 (Foundation to Year 10). Last year the first draft of The Arts (including Drama) was published and commented...


Drama Studies Offer Skills For Life

The last two nights I have had parent-teacher interviews at my school and nearly every interview concerning students in my junior classes focused on what wasn’t going to be on the semester report … the life skills...