The problem with arts funding in Australia

Karen Hands, University of the Sunshine Coast The arts and culture sector has had its share of trouncing in recent years: funding dropped 4.9% in the decade 2007-2008 to 2017-2018, promised arts policy was short-lived, or not realised at all, then the erasure of “arts” from the overseeing government department’s...


Public Domain Plays Explained

Drama and theatre teachers often find the confusing nature of copyright expiration a minefield to deal with. Under what circumstances can I copy the entire script of a well-known play for my students without breaching copyright? If I found the script on the Internet, does that automatically mean it is...


Friday Essay: The Arts And Our Still-Born National Identity

Stephen Sewell, National Institute of Dramatic Art The debate about culture in Australia typically follows a familiar pattern: a commentator laments declining cultural standards and narrowing opportunities and looks for someone to blame. The usual suspects scatter, leaving the artists to respond by pointing to inadequate funding and whining about...