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Public Domain Plays Explained

Drama and theatre teachers often find the confusing nature of copyright expiration a minefield to deal with. Under what circumstances can I copy the entire script of a well-known play for my students without breaching copyright? If I found the script on the Internet, does that automatically mean it is... fi 2

Review: is a comprehensive research website about the life and work of Polish theatre director Jerzy Grotowski (1933-1999), maintained by the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw. Today, Grotowski is regarded as one of the most influential figures of 20th century theatre. His intense actor training program is considered the most complete since Stanislavski’s, while his directing...

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Top Acts 2016: Focus on Drama

It is worth alerting current Victorian Certificate of Education Drama students that the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority has published excellent video clips about three Drama solo performances from the Top Acts concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre earlier this year. Each video includes interviews with the student performer, the student’s VCE...

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For visual learners who follow The Drama Teacher, why not explore the wonders of theatre on Justin Cash’s Pinterest page? So much of drama education can be learned or enhanced visually – theatres of the ancient world, lighting designs, pictures of famous practitioners, scenic designs, make-up, masks, show posters, costumes, and more....