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Rigour and Discipline in Drama

Let’s face it, too many students view drama as a soft, easy (or ‘bludge’) subject at school. Sometimes we find ourselves fighting for our own credibility as a subject on the curriculum, so the easiest...


2012 Drama Victoria State Conference

Last Thursday and Friday, Drama Victoria held its annual state conference at The University of Melbourne. What a conference it was! This year’s program witnessed a change from previous years with Friday being a day of extended...


Qualities Of A Good Drama Teacher

Many readers of The Drama Teacher are university students, graduate teachers new to this wonderful profession, teachers returning to the Drama classroom after time away and others who have been allocated a Drama class, but...

Are Schools Killing Creativity? 2

Are Schools Killing Creativity?

British educationalist and supporter of the arts, Sir Ken Robinson, delivered this fantastic address at the 2006 TED conference. His general argument is that our education systems are killing creativity in our school children and...