Review: Macbeth (Melbourne Theatre Company)

Name the last time you saw Macbeth in full Elizabethan garb? Or set in traditional Scotland? Maybe it was uncut if you were lucky. Can’t remember? Exactly. Purists, begone! The Melbourne Theatre Company’s current production of the Bard’s shortest and arguably most-performed tragedy is a visually stunning and engrossing aural experience...

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Drama Online Review

Drama Online is a subscription-based treasure trove of digital resources for drama and theatre teachers and students. Originating as a joint arrangement between Bloomsbury Publishing and Faber and Faber, Drama Online has now expanded to include additional publishers of theatre-related content, ranging from play texts and videos to audio plays and production images...


Brecht for Beginners / Artaud for Beginners / Stanislavski for Beginners

Brecht for Beginners (1987), Artaud for Beginners (1999), and Stanislavski for Beginners (1999) are comic books about three of the most significant theatre practitioners of the 20th century. What is great about these publications is their form. Who would have thought a student could read about Brecht’s epic theatre style,...