Senior Drama


2020 VCE Drama & Theatre Studies Results Analysis

Here’s an analysis of VCE Drama and Theatre Studies results for students who received a study score of 40 or above in 2020*. These students represent the top 9% in each study. 2020 saw 83 students achieve 40 or above for Drama (marginally more than the 81 students who were...

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The Empty Space: The Holy Theatre

Key quotes from The Holy Theatre, the second part of Peter Brook‘s seminal text, The Empty Space. The Holy Theatre explores the place of ritual and the holy in what was then contemporary theatre (1968). Among others, Brook analyses the works of Samuel Beckett with his existential characters, themes and...


The Empty Space: The Deadly Theatre

This post explores key quotes from The Deadly Theatre, the first part of Peter Brook’s seminal text, The Empty Space. The Deadly Theatre is the bad theatre of Broadway and the West End, the commercial theatre with deadly directors and deadly actors performing works by deadly playwrights, all existing within...