Senior Drama

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Structure and Form in Epic Theatre Plays

Epic theatre, the non-realistic theatre style which emerged in early 20th century Berlin with director Erwin Piscator and playwright and director Bertolt Brecht, produced epic theatre plays that were understandably different in structure and form to what audience’s were previously used to. Narrative Dramatic form refers to structure, the formation...

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Free Play Scripts for Drama Students and Teachers!

An updated annotated collection of resources offering a wide variety of free online play scripts for drama students and teachers Fantastic collection of half a dozen original downloadable stage plays suitable for 9-15 year olds. Plays range from 60-80 minutes in length and have both small and large casts. Great...

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Words Describing Facial Expression In Performance

HereĀ is an updated list of words describing facial expression in performance which should prove useful for students of drama and theatre. Often as part of their coursework, students undertake a written analysis of a live theatre performance. Part of this task normally involves evaluating the actors’ use of expressive skills....