Senior Drama


VCE Drama Solo Performance Resources 2020

A curated selection of resources for each of the ten characters on this year’s VCE Drama solo performance exam. Resources include articles, images and videos. VCE Drama Solo Performance Examination 2020 Prescribed Structure 1 Harlequin (Arlechino) and/or Columbine (Columbina) Encyclopaedia Britannica Source article for this prescribed exam character includes origins,...

Erwin Piscator 0

Erwin Piscator Biography

Erwin Piscator was born Erwin Friedrich Maximillian Piscator on 17 December 1893 in the German state of Prussia. Like Brecht, Piscator studied at Munich University. He began acting for the theatre in 1914, but was soon drafted to the front line during World War I.  After the war, Piscator staged...


Epic Theatre Student Activity: Clichés

This group activity for students of drama and theatre provides an opportunity to understand some of the key techniques of epic theatre, developed via improvisation and incorporated into a drama performance based on a common cliché. Overview Learning Focus: To enable students to successfully incorporate a number of basic epic theatre...