Stimulus Images for Drama: Communications

Try this handy collection of images of old and new forms of communication as stimulus material for characters, storylines, student improvisations and more, in your next drama class! Consider using these images in connection with other stimulus image collections on The Drama Teacher: Stimulus Images for Drama: Animals Stimulus Images...


Freesound Sound Effects Library

Freesound is a huge library of nearly 400,000 sound effects and soundscapes ready for use in your next drama project or lesson! The majority of these sounds are completely free to use and share under the Creative Commons Public Domain Licence, while other sounds are still free but require a...


The Rise of Eclectic Theatre in the 20th Century

It is argued up until the turn of the 20th century, standard theatre practice dictated each type of play was given roughly the same theatre treatment​1​. At odds with this was now a new concept of handling each type of dramatic work in a unique way, according to the style...