Changes at Drama Victoria

For those Drama and Theatre teachers who teach near The Drama Teacher’s base, this post is to inform you of recent changes at your state Drama teachers’ association, Drama Victoria:

  • our 2008 and 2009 Director of Programs (Education Officer) will be on maternity leave for 2010
  • our newly appointed 2010 Director of Programs has now left the association for employment elsewhere
  • a new Director of Programs has been appointed to replace our original Director of Programs
  • there are several new members on the 2010 Committee of Management, elected at our recent AGM on 13 March
  • there are several new Executive members, elected at our recent committee meeting on 18 March
  • the newly elected President is actually the original 2010 Director of Programs

Hope this isn’t too confusing!

All Drama Victoria members (individuals, institutions, schools etc) on Drama Victoria’s email list should have received a recent email detailing who everyone is in the various positions listed above.

After three years as President of Drama Victoria, and the past eight years on the Drama Victoria Executive, I have decided to step down into a non-Executive role on the Drama Victoria Committee for 2010.

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