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4 years ago

The 3 knocks means that it is the end of the act and there will be an intermision while the characters rest for the next scene.

4 years ago

Very Nice

Michael Wresinski
6 years ago

What do the 3 knocks before performance mean?

Jade Nutt
6 years ago

I think this website is really good due to year 10 drama is hard and seeming ive got one year till my GCSE and I really think this website is really good and clever to use, but I think this website would be really good for all subjects but different titles, really good for drama, since I have started drama it has helped loads!


7 years ago

– Pronunciation: co-MAY-dee-ah del AR-tay.
Actually, it’s Italian, so it would be Com-MEH-dee-a del-LAHRT-eh. The way you said it is the way someone ignorant of the pronounciation would attempt to pronounce it.
Ps: I’ve trained in it when I was fourteen and live in a town with a lot of Italians and am half it myself.
Have a nice day! 🙂

7 years ago

Does this decsribe the time of Othello

8 years ago

Really good type of drama cuz

Reply to  ben smit
7 years ago

I agree

8 years ago

I’m currently writing my final paper for Development of Drama I class at Wayne State University in Detroit, and this article has covered nearly everything that My professor lectured about in class. Well done article, the only thing I would add is the distinctions between characters. There is Pantalone, Harlequin, Columbina, Datore, Capiotano, Zanni and others that transfer between plays, even as their names change.

Cindy Gunn
8 years ago

Hello–is there access to any video or websites that offer students the commedia character movement for study? Some of my students have to submit a demonstration and I am not trained in this art form.
Thank you for all you do!