Commonwealth Games

Sorry about the lack of posts this week. It’s been pretty hectic at school arriving at the end of a shortened academic term due to the XVIII Commonwealth Games being held in Melbourne over the next couple of weeks.

On that note, I am sure the opening ceremony next Wednesday evening 15th March will be a major theatrical event. I have encouraged my Drama students to view this as a form of theatre and to analyse why this will be the case with various aspects of the ceremony.

A couple of nights ago I went for a walk around the glorious Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium which was almost at lock-down stage for passers-by, but fortunately not completely. Through the glass doors of a couple of entrances I could see a light show being rehearsed inside the massive walls of this Goliath of world sporting stadiums. There at the centre of it all was a mammoth stage, unusually high off the ground, where much of the action will take place.

Clearly visible were the large cables suspended from the nape of several of the MCG’s tall light towers where performers will be suspended as part of the ceremony’s action. A brisk walk over the recently opened Barak Bridge over Brunton Avenue ended in the beautiful parkland of Birrarung Marr beside the Yarra River. It was here that ‘rehearsal’ fireworks were blasting out of the centre of a few of the large metal fishes that will also form part of the opening ceremony.

There is now an official media ban on leaking opening ceremony events as games organisers panic about too much content being revealed in advance. And fair enough, too.

Next week, I’ll post comments on the ‘theatricality’ displayed in this ceremony. We wait in anticipation of a splendid display of Australian culture.

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