Creative Minds: Geoffrey Rush

Recently released on DVD (and currently screening on SBS TV Australia) is an excellent series of interviews with six well-known Australian artists discussing their work, influences, techniques, successes and failures.

This episode focuses on Australian character actor Geoffrey Rush, who today is one of a select few who have the industry’s triple crown in their trophy cabinet: an Oscar, Emmy and a Tony.

This 40-minute interview serves as excellent material for any serious student of acting. From humble beginnings to international success on stage and screen, Rush has had a varied and exciting career as an actor. Among other things he discusses his craft, characterisation, costume, plays, collaboration with theatre practitioners and his most difficult co-star, that monkey on his shoulder in Pirates of the Caribbean! The interview also includes snippets from Rush’s work to inform the discussion.

I will certainly be showing this interview to my senior drama students, as I am sure they will learn a great deal from Geoffrey Rush’s comments and advice on acting.

DVD purchase available from SBS TV Australia.

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