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I thought I’d post a few posters recently designed by a class of Year 11 Visual Communication and Design students at my school in the hope that other Drama/Theatre teachers out there may follow with this concept in their own schools.

On this occasion the relationship between the Drama and Art Departments initially came from a suggestion by the school Principal. It was not the first time I had negotiated a similar project, but this time it all just blew me away.

Unfortunately, I gave the poor Vis. Com. teacher only four lessons notice. Then I arrived late on the students’ first lesson of the project with the “copy” (text) for the poster. Also, the poor teacher had other things on at the time and was with her students for only two and a half of the four lessons they worked on it. In theory, this project was not destined to be the success it turned out to be.

There was just over 20 posters produced by the 16-17 year-old students in this short time frame and I chose the seven posted below to be placed around the school. It was an Australian-themed showcase evening, so Aussie icons, symbols and imagery are evident in the student works. I’m sure you’ll agree, the graphic design work by the students is awesome and it didn’t take me long to realise I was on a winner here!

But in any partnership, it has to be win-win for both parties. Instead of the typical single poster being displayed around the school corridors, I chose a bunch of the better ones, giving more students public acknowledgment of their work.

I could see students getting a thrill out of their posters being up around the school. The staff loved them, too, and I made sure I let everyone know who produced the fabulous art work. When students from different year levels came up to me and asked “who did those posters!?”, I happily told them exactly which subject at school they need to be studying in the future to produce great work like this 🙂

I even had a couple of teachers ask if they could grab spare posters to display in their offices at school and you know you’re on a sure thing when you go to take the posters down the morning after the show and students have taken half of them down for themselves!

This is a partnership that will well and truly continue next year and the Vis. Com. teacher happily offered for her students to produce all six Drama showcase posters I’ll require next year, if given enough notice.

So the message in this post is get happy with your friendly art or graphics teacher at school ’cause the talent in the teenagers who produced these posters for me is just amazing! I’m sure there’s a group of similarly talented students at your school just waiting to produce a Drama poster for you!

(Click on the thumbnails, and then click again on the next image to get the large version. I had to reduce image quality in order to upload).

My favourite? The Vegemite poster, of course. She replaced the word ‘Vegemite’ on the jar with my surname! How could I possibly ignore that?

Drama Poster 3
Drama Poster 2
Drama Poster 1

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