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Well, you’ve got to take the good with the bad in life. Tonight was not one of my highlights…

I did an unsual thing in the history of Drama Victoria. As current Vice President of the association, I decided it was time for me to run for President. On the surface, that might sound quite normal, but traditionally we usually wait for the President to state his/her intentions of stepping down before another person wants to step up to the plate. Tonight, with both parties being gracious and professional, there were two of us on the ballot paper, instead of one.

It was a close vote and in the words of Maxwell Smart I ‘missed it by that much’. Although disappointed about not getting elected President, I was fortunate to be re-elected in my present role as Vice President, instead. It was a healthy thing for both democracy and our organisation, but unfortunately when two capable people are vying for the same position, someone has to lose out.

Congratulations to Peter Robert of Yarra Valley Grammar who today officially begins his fourth year at the helm of the organisation. Let it be blogged, he has my 100% support in this very exciting chapter in the history of the largest Drama teachers’ association in Australia, as Drama Victoria begins to consolidate its presence at our new home in the beautiful surroundings of the Abbotsford Convent.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very gracious in defeat, Cashy.
    “Each defeat is one step closer to victory.”
    Buddhist proverb

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