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  1. Alex Johnson says:

    This is really helpful as I design my school’s drama curriculum from K-Gr 6. Thank you!

    1. My pleasure, Alexandria! I’ll be popping up more K-6 Drama resources in the coming weeks and months, tagged “Primary Drama”. Thanks for your feedback – Justin

  2. Khethiwe Sibeko says:

    So educative. I am a drama teacher and I learned a lot from this post. I’m in my second year of teaching drama. I’m self teaching. I didn’t have much training on the subject. Thank you so much, I learned a lot.

  3. Colleen Bassett says:

    Justin, what a wonderful resource this is. Thank you for your passion, knowledge, clarity, and generous sharing.
    Much gratitude and praise from a NZ teacher

    1. Colleen, thank you so much! That’s lovely feedback. Appreciate it. – Justin

  4. NDIKUBWIMANA Jacques says:

    the above content is so helpful

  5. Thank you so much Drama Teacher. You are so special, this is quality teaching.

  6. I found it useful. I could learn something new.Thanks.

  7. Asoka Sandra says:

    Hey do you know dramatic elements of festivals. Thanks

  8. this was a great help.
    a i used it for my drama assessment so it was good that i had a source that was quick and easy to understand!

  9. SOUMEN PAL says:


  10. Jono Neep says:

    This helped a lot and I am really grateful for someone doing this. I ended up getting an A and this really helped with that.

  11. Thanks a lot , really helped for my research , very helpful ????

  12. Anonymous Kitty says:

    It helps me… but theres one thing that u dont answer the… spectacle…

  13. Akituk sylvia says:

    This is a great resource for teaching /learning of drama.Thanks.

  14. This is helping me with my exams, thank you!

  15. Naiogeger says:


  16. Camila Pierce says:

    NIfty bro. PRECISELY what i wanted!

  17. Snaua macdoanald says:

    This didn’t help……
    I have some feedback
    list the definitions, terms and more about

  18. This doesn’t help. Were the technical elements and stuff?

    1. I agree with you my sister

  19. This is Chadrin Nseemani, thank you very much probably my examination will be nice!

  20. This didn’t help meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can I get some help with: props, costumes, stage direction etc.#helpneeded

    1. Kittykitty says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, please, but aren’t props, costumes, stage directions etc. elements of production?

  21. Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂

  22. BananasInDramaramas says:

    Always come back to this website whenever doing a drama assignment. Thanks to you I got an A+!!!!

  23. great job 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. Medardo Tembo says:

    wonderful piece of writing I have enjoyed it.

  25. Ohemeng Baah says:

    This has been very helpful to me especially as I’m a self- tutored high school teacher of literature-in-English

  26. Earl Austin says:

    Very interesting and informative forum. As a drama enthusiast, it keeps me abreast of the global elements of drama. Congrats to all of you and keep up the great work.

  27. sally birungi says:

    Yes they are all dramatic elements

  28. Eloise Moroe says:

    The elements of time and place aren’t on this.

  29. Sarah McK says:

    I would love to see this page updated to reflect the new curriculum! Great website. 😀

    1. Thanks Sarah. I’ve been meaning to update this page for some time. It was originally written well before the VCAA developed descriptors for the dramatic elements in the VCE Drama course (first there were 11, then 12, now 9 elements). But the stats tell me this page consistently has interest from across the globe. I think I’ll update it to reflect the various elements of drama studied in all of the states and territories of Australia. This will double the current list with additional terms. I’ll get on to it!

  30. Thanks this helped me with my 2.2 drama devising standard.

  31. Thanks that really help me pass my assignment

  32. But I would love it if I could get more importance of language in Drama.

  33. I found this to be useful to me as well.Thanks

  34. Francis Mushiyi says:

    am writing an assignment on features of drama on the following characteristics suspense, plot, conflicts, protagonist, flashback, climax and interlude. your information is really helping me.

  35. drama enthusiast says:

    Would like to commend the writer on the amount of information. It helped a lot for me and cleared up the dramatic elements.

  36. Sybil Masango says:

    Please comment on the following: Performance space; Placement of audience; Symbols; Use and meaning of props; economical use of sets for different meanings; lighting to illustrate moods diff time frame and contrast.

    Thanking you in advance

  37. Princess Sabrina says:

    Why no Allegory heere 🙁 ??

    1. Because there is no universally agreed set of dramatic elements. You will find different lists in text books and around the web. However, here is a post I wrote some years ago with a definition of allegory that you may find useful if you are after one:

  38. random student says:

    This was very helpfull

  39. Tnks.. Am a student of theatre n perf Art in ABU zaria… This has reali hlp me in studin for my exams… Tnks alot

    1. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria? Happy to see The Drama Teacher being used by students all over the world. I’m glad this article helped you in your studies. – Justin

  40. smartjoseph says:

    i like this alot thank for this people i gain so much u can do more guy i love u all

  41. Hi! I agree so much on this and it helped me alot!

  42. dramalover says:

    very interesting ^^

  43. Thomas,cosmas says:

    Good the text is helpfull

  44. thanks that was really helpful for my drama project

  45. Thanks so much for this! I’m a Drama student and your site is the most useful one that I have found for my study!!!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Belleb8. Happy to hear my site has been useful for your drama studies.

  46. This information helped me during my exams. More greaz 2 your elbow

  47. ashok aswani says:

    It was need of our circle,we are obliged,

  48. Thanks for this information. You’ve ease my stress. This is just what I need for my assignment.

    1. YES! this is exactly what i need for my asses task

  49. Tamara Poole says:

    This is a great resources, however for those teachers who come from Australia – especially Queenland we have based the Elements of Drama on the works of a great Australian Drama Educator in one of the books that he co-wrote called “Drama Wise” (a bible for many teachers) and we use the following – Human Context (role, relationship and situation), Focus, Tension, Movement, Language, Time, Mood, Symbol and Place to create Dramatic Meaning. I hope I listed them all. States like New South Wales use elements such as Contrast and Rhythm, but I would include them in the EOD’s I listed above. I hope this gives people a different look into the way that drama is explored in different places.

    1. Hi Tamara,

      The above list of dramatic elements is based on those used in senior drama studies in Victoria, as this website originates from Melbourne. Its origins stem from the list originally being published by the Victorian curriculum authority in the early 90s, but to this day without descriptors (to change in 2014). Brad Haseman’s Dramawise is a great book, indeed, and has certainly stood the test of time (24 years on). I have often considered expanding the above list to include different elements of drama studied in various states of Australia and different countries of the world, reflecting additional elements discussed by yourself and others in the comments to this post. One day soon, I may just get to writing up an expanded list with definitions. As a side note, the new Australian Curriculum has yet another list of slightly different elements of drama for us to digest from 2014 onwards. Thanks for your comment.

  50. thanks helped me for a project

  51. Of course conflict and climax are dramatic elements – imagine a play without them.
    I am a high school English teacher in California and needed a tutorial to teach dramatic elements. I am grateful for this website that helped form a class unit.
    Thank you!

    1. I’m glad this information has helped you out, Robert. Thanks for your comments.

  52. thanks helped me for a project

  53. Jack Nichollas says:

    Just made my assignment in writing lesson plans a thousand times easier. Thankyou very much.

  54. If you’re naturally talented, what qualifies on a list of dramatic elements doesn’t really matter…

    1. Well, that’s not entirely true. Talent may mean that you don’t need these elements to convey a realistic performance to the audience, but these elements are crucial to understanding and interpreting a text. If you rely solely on talent then you won’t be able to expand on your performance skills.

  55. Drama is basically any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results.

  56. Surely the conveyance of emotion warrants a place upon the list i.e emotional speaking etc.

      1. Aesotorila says:

        Put simply, this person thinks that using emotion in the way you act and speak should be on this list, even though it is not an element of drama.

  57. they are good i like them

  58. jackson half penny says:

    this way SO helpful i would be ****ed with out this

  59. Thanks a heap, have a test and these are a great help to make me pass thanks!

  60. Ann Barreto Sousa says:

    Thank you very informative.

  61. bobby jones says:

    hello i love drama

  62. Bob Marley says:

    thanks man, helped heaps with my exams, homework and project 😀

    1. thats true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!every one……………good job

  63. Thanks heaps, helps with my exams!

  64. shaffaf im sorry but climax and conflict are very clearly dramatic elements, i have been studying drama for nearly 6 years and these are used all the time, look anywhere man.

    1. Jehosheba says:

      climax and confict was very important..i agree with bobbet.. :)..

      1. dramateacher says:

        yes they may be important but they fall under tension…tension of task, tension of relationship, tension of surprise, tension of mystery…they are not elements of drama

      2. Tamara Poole says:

        I would actually place Conflict and Climax as a subcategory of Tension – they can apply under the idea of Tension of Relationship or Task for both depending on the Situation, which would be part of the Human Context.

  65. thanx so much. this helped me a lot for my drama pro.

  66. this is very helpful as wel as interestin

  67. hmmmm……….climax and conflict are not dramatic elemet, they would fall under human context.

    1. WRONG
      climax and conflict are dramatic elements. And they also fall under English literature.

  68. great websit it’s really helpfull

  69. Anonymous says:

    A great help in condensing great amounts of info. Thanx.

    1. thank u our project will turn out better