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5 years ago

how is metaphor linked into drama? I cannot read the whole text as the advertisements are in the way

8 years ago

Hi Justin, Just working with my students who are doing Structure 7 The wife of Henry Vlll. I had just presumed they had the stimulus material as they had so much material. They told me today they have been unable to find it as it isn’t listed as a novel, film, or web information. Have I missed something? Where do they get the stimulus material from? Love your work by the way!

Blake Nixon
8 years ago

After reading through the VCE Drama Solo ‘The White Rabbit’ what could be included or what is an example of the dramatic metaphor which must be included?

Reply to  Blake Nixon
8 years ago

Mr. Rabbit and, Mr. Abbot.The White Rabbit may introduce policies that mirror or exaggerate the white Australia policy, border protection, declaration of terra nullius. perhaps the book by John Marsden The Rabbits may give you some ideas.
the red queen, Julia Gillard, perhaps the red queens story was exaggerated by the media\opposition. you could talk about Gough Whitlam, Gough WHITElam – white rabbit, maybe explore indigenous policy. Having the white rabbit discuss their total domination of the land and control over indigenous bandicoots, possums or other species might be good.
find the link between the character of the white rabbit and events in Australian politics.
there are so many, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Reply to  nick
8 years ago

1. Recreates a scene(s) that shows how his/her experience in Wonderland makes him/her a suitable candidate for prime minister.

2. creates a montage of three or more dramatic images demonstrating aspects of his/her political campaign,
including an advertisement and a slogan (which can be part of the advertisement)

3. creates a scene(s) that parallels his/her suitability to be prime minister with that of a political figure who has been remembered for their time in office.

All three points could utilize dramatic metaphor.

Examples for each dot point

1. Mister. W Rabbit shows examples of dealing with the many characters in Wonderland and how the parallel current politics. This could be subtle or obvious. The Mad Hatter, could be compared to:
Chris Pyne (I’ve fixed it,,
Mark Laytham (

Or check out the funniest moments in Australian Politics for more..

Tweedle-dee and tweedle dum, could be compared to Abbot and Shorten, they’re so similar, you can’t tell them apart?

You can be subtle with the rabbits parallels. Perhaps the red queens love of chopping off the heads of people that disagree with her could be a dramatic metaphor for the q&a ABC issue’s Abbot is having.

2. Link the recanting of the political campaign to this recent story and many others like it.

White Rabbit reacting to broken promises from his ad campaign.
comment image

3. Look at this website –
There are so many parallels to be found.
Linking red queens arrogance to Ben Chifley
May compare himself to Gough WHITElam and care for indigenous bibly’s .

The whole piece could be a metaphor, he may compare himself to Captain Arthur Philip, captain of the first fleet and first governor of NSW. His whole campaign could be around taking over this ‘no rabbits land’ (metaphor for terra nullius, no man’s land).
Calling current humans savages, saying there are far more rabbits than humans and Australians have no real culture anyway and according to rabbit law, this whole country is up for grabs. There will be no attempt to make the Australians understand rabbit law, they wouldn’t be able to get it anyway.

11 years ago

How could you perform a dramatic metaphor for heartbreak?

Brendan McCosker
11 years ago

what would a dramatic metaphor be for technology?