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no name
5 years ago

have you looked at diagetic and non diagetic sound? quite interesting…

Diagetic Sound:

Sound or music recorded in the movie’s world. Example: a door closing, gun being fired, police siren.

Non-Diagetic Sound:

Sound or music that is added to the film during the editing process. Most often, non-diagetic sound is music.

6 years ago

You might want to check out my new MacOS app ‘TheatreSound’ for cuing audio in shows. It makes the whole design and rehearsal thing very easy.



6 years ago

nice, I’m doing my masters in theatre and performing arts. this was quite helpful… thanks. do you have any theory on theatre sound design application?

Halimi MN
10 years ago

Thank you with a lots of great information.

15 years ago

Great blog with lots of great information! I’m a first year theatre teacher. What a ride! Anyway, thanks for all this info. 🙂