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12 years ago

Thanks, all these tips have just boosted my confidence for teaching theatre performance at the senior level. I have been teaching just the juniors for 3 years. I’ve really enjoyed it and haven’t been afraid to show that to my students, and the kids really responded to my enthusiasm. This is a great reminder for myself that I am a great Drama/Theatre and that teaching the senior kids doesn’t have to be any different. Sometimes I feel that with the senior classes I have to be more serious but thanks for the reminder that I just have to be my self! Thanks!

12 years ago

Thanks. This is a great read and something to reflect on in all planning.

Daniel Borbely
17 years ago

Awesome to see you back blogging Justin! How you find the time is beyond me, but keep it comin you good thing!

One thing that works for me is acting with them and for them. For solos, I often mirror them, and imitate them, show them what I mean, rather than just talk about it. I have found that this pus them at ease. Acting out a short scene or improving with them makes you just an actor, rather than a detached critic, so it puts them at ease.