Hamilton to Screen on Disney+ From July 3

Hamilton Screen Disney+

Hamilton, the world’s biggest stage musical, will screen on Disney+ from July 3. Live recorded over two performances back in June 2016 with most of the original Broadway cast, the film was meant to hit the big screen in October next year.

But Disney, who reportedly paid a whopping $75 million to secure the rights to the film, has decided due to Covid-19 to bring the show forward to the small screen, instead. I wonder how many new subscriptions that will equate to?

And yes, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton’s creator and star, was still in the show for this filming. The stage musical’s producers financed the nearly $10 million dollar film budget. Nothing like a $65 million pay day!

Fun fact: in order to retain a PG-13 rating, f*#k is sung only once in the show and bleeped out another three times.

The New York Times Review

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