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8 years ago

I found that even as a student, this website was incredibly useful for me to fill the blanks of what I may not understand in class. However, I’m now given the director Robert Wilson to research on and the knowledge on him is pretty sparse (maybe this can be a future blog post)? Just a thought…

8 years ago

Your talents are amazing! Indeed internationally recognised. Congrats DMD.

8 years ago

Justin it is really inspirational you devote so much time and effort to sharing. İ think my favourite post is the letter to parents about what drama class really is. İ am alwAys myself trying to convince the school how important drama is uts a continuAl struggle

David Ellis
8 years ago

Justin. Congratulations. You blog is invaluable. The time and effort you put into to maintaining it over such a long time is greatly appreciated by your fellow travellers and students alike. I ‘accidentally’ used ‘Hart Island’ as the basis for my ensembles last year and the students produced some of their richest and most profound work ever. Thank you. Keep up the great work out there on the ‘Mount’.

8 years ago

Great read for the past 10 years. Here’s to 10 more happy years. Thank you

8 years ago

Happy 10th anniversary! Thank you for all you have shared with us. I love how the internet let’s us all connect wherever we are.
Thanks again and all the best for the next 10 years!

Mandy Calderwood
8 years ago

Have really appreciated your insight and huge knowledge of all things theatrical Justin- very useful for my own practice. Here’s to the next 10!

Zanele Dube
8 years ago

Thank You so much for. being so resourceful!I really appreciate tht.