History of Broadway

If you ever wanted to know about Broadway from its very beginnings, then this is for you! Talkin’ Broadway’s Broadway 101: The History of The Great White Way is a fantasitc series of articles by Robert Rusie that comprehensively covers all the famous actors, theatres and shows that walked, talked or played on Broadway. Neatly inserted among the text are interesting historical photographs and billboards of Broadway itself, musical posters and some of the stars of the stage. From its origins in the 1810s, through the 1900s, the Great Depression and beyond, Broadway has withstood it all and these articles are a fascinating read, divided by decade. It will take you a few cups of coffee to get through it all and at this point, we only reach the end of the 1940s. Can’t wait for Rusie’s next instalment ‘1950-1960 The Golden Age of Broadway’…

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