Hollywood Star Power

Is good ol’ Hollywood star power dying?

Here’s an interesting article from the LA Times, predicitng the very real possibility that this weekend’s US box office top grossing movie will once again be Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

So? Umm, this is a slight problem when one considers the new political thriller Body Of Lies, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, also opens this weekend in America.

The questions begs, if two A-list actors in DiCaprio and Crowe together on screen can’t pull the fans in on the first weekend, then who can? A talking dog!?!

In recent weeks we’ve already seen Pacino and DeNiro attract only a lukewarm response from the masses with Righteous Kill. One recalls so much excitement in their first screen collaboration, Heat, back in 1995. Sure, these stars may now be fading (I recall one American reviewer concluding with the line “Pacino, DeNiro, it’s over”), but they remain two of the finest film actors of recent decades.

And DiCaprio and Crowe are in the peak of their career, while few would doubt their skill as actors. DiCaprio has been nominated for a swag of Academy Awards and Crowe, who won Best Actor for his role in Gladiator, remains the only actor in history to be nominated for the Best Actor Oscar in three consecutive years (The Insider 1999, Gladiator 2000, A Beautiful Mind 2001).

Good luck to DiCaprio and Crowe this weekend. It seems the talking chihuahua needs no luck at all. It’s a dog’s life in Hollywood right now.

Postscript: just saw the movie first day here in Australia  … great film … but most importantly, Crowe and DiCaprio do not disappoint. While Crowe has probably done better work in the past, his character is nevertheless highly believable. DiCaprio is very convincing in a fine performance. -JC

Edit: The chihuahua wins! In fact the pulling power of DiCaprio and Crowe was so weak Body of Lies came in at No.3 at the box office behind the zombie horror Quarantine.

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