IDEA Conference Paris 2013

Dates have just been confirmed for the 8th World Congress of IDEA – the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association. The conference will take place in Paris from July 8-13, 2013.

Of significance for Australian drama teachers is that this conference will take place inside the school holiday break in all states and territories, with the exception of Queensland, where these dates represent the first school week of Term 3. So, for most drama and theatre teachers in Australia thinking of attending this fantastic event, hopefully your decision will be made a bit easier if you can disappear in school holidays. However, if you are in a position to sneak a bit of your Long Service Leave, hey its Paris, so this should be a no-brainer!

I have attended two IDEA World Congresses in the past – Bergen, Norway in 2001 and Ottawa, Canada in 2007. I can honestly say an IDEA World Congress is without question the best professional learning experience a drama/theatre teacher can have. To be in workshops and listen to speakers in drama education from across the globe is mind-blowing. As with most good conferences, networking opportunities in and around official sessions are just as valuable, so imagine making a bunch of international contacts in drama education!


  1. The portion of your trip used for the conference is tax deductible (check with your taxation agent)
  2. If planning on using some school time to attend, let your employer know ASAP – you can always withdraw your leave application if you change your mind later
  3. The conference is 18 months away, so start saving for your trip now!

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  1. The next IDEA World Congress will be held in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, July 2016.

  2. wanyu says:

    when will the next conference be?

  3. With all I also love to remember the glorious memories of IDEA Congress as I have attended three IDEA World Congresses in the past – Bergen, Norway in 2001 and Ottawa, Canada in 2004 and Hong Kong in 2007.
    A real initiative to recognize and a deep understanding that TfD AND Human Rights are closely related and complimentary to each other , we must start it from our school to turn the future word with all dignity of peace and HR.
    Though for VISA problem I could not attend in Brazil IDEA , I just cried.
    Hope to share more in coming IDEA Congress in Paris -2013.
    Please if possible inform me the date of registration, application for paper presentation and also the way to get the membership.
    I want to contact with Asa Peterson -Sweden , as her email address may be invalid now!
    Dear Asa , if possible email me please!
    Warm greetings for all from Bangladesh .
    With love
    Organization for Women’s Development in Bangladesh (OWDEB )
    Chittagong , Bangladesh

  4. Ching-han Luk says:

    Please inform me when the IDEA is open for registration.

  5. Kaye Lopez says:

    Please keep me updated. Is there recommended accommodation?

  6. Valerie Miller says:

    I am planning to go. I went into the website but it appears you cannot register yet though the prices are up so at least I know how much I need to save for!

    They are calling for presenters now … closes in October.

  7. Fatimah says:

    Please remind me of 2013 IDEA conference. I’d like to participate as a presenter.

    Thank you

  8. yah awg nik says:

    please remind me of the important dates of IDEA

  9. Emmanuel Adeyemi says:

    I would like to be reminded on this important conference as it approaches
    Thank you.

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